Direct Digital Control Specifications Made Easy

For help with specifications, please visit www.CtrlSpecBuilder.com - a free online productivity tool that creates HVAC control specifications. The resulting specifications are open and non-proprietary, and include sequences of operations and points lists. There are options for BACnet and Web-based controls.

What Makes CTRLSpecBuilder unlike any other Application? 

  • Specifications are open and non-proprietary
  • Specifications include sequences, schematics, point lists, trends, alarms, and other key requirements
  • Specification are creating in English or metric units
  • Options for BACnet, web-based UI, XML/SOAP interface, electrical demand reduction, and more
  • Based on ASHRAE Guidline 13, with options to use CSI MasterFormat 95 or 2011
  • Automatic design review which identifies possible conflicts
  • Features are based on user feedback
  • It's free


Eikon for Educators

Graphical Program Specifically Designed For Use in the Classroom

Since Automated Logic realized that EIKON could be a powerful tool for teaching or documenting control system logic, a special version of this software was developed which is provided free of charge to education professionals.  A forum was also developed with the intent of providing an area for educators who are using EIKON software to exchange ideas, files, and programs to improve the teaching of HVAC.  If you are interested in receiving a copy of this software click the download link on this page which will guide you through the rest of the process.



EquipmentBuilder for Educators

Control Programs Specifically Designed for use in the Classroom

Want to create a control program for a fan coil unit, a VAV terminal, or other types of HVAC equipment?  EquipmentBuilder for Educators will automatically generate a control program, a points list, and a sequence of operations based on design options you select. The Educator version saves control programs in the same .logicsymbol format used by EIKON.  So, if the thousands of options in EquipmentBuilder don’t give you exactly what you want, you can edit the program in EIKON for Educators and customize it to meet your needs.